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Postby MikeW » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:21 pm

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the reply, I apologize for my delay in responding.

Basically I love the way camtwist automation works, but I've had a couple of bugs along the way. Specifically, this is what is causing me the most issues...

1. Select Setup: Immediately select setup "Offline"
2. Abs pause: Wait until "18:00:00"
3. Deselect Setup: Immediately deselect setup "Offline"
4. Set Source: Immediately set source "Online"
5. Abs pause: Wait until "22:00:00"
6. Select Setup: Immediately select setup "Offline" (where the problem starts)
7. Loop (so that it will reset to #1 until tomorrows show)

In this automation sequence:
-Step #1 activates an "Offline" setup that consists of an image overlay that shows an offline graphic (this live stream is only operational during certain times of the day).
-Step #2 tells camtwist to keep the current "Offline" setup in place until the cam is ready to go live at 1800.
-Step #3 and Step #4 occur at 18:00 when camtwist takes away the "Offline" setup and changes to the "Online" setup. However, since the "Online" setup includes a video source (and not just graphics/text overlays), camtwist treats the "Online" setup as a source instead.
-Step #5 tells camtwist to wait until 2200 for the live stream to end.
-Step #6 (where the problem starts): In theory, this step should allow me to disable the "online" setup and activate the "offline" setup since the stream is now over. However since camtwist thinks that "Online" setup is a source [instead of a setup], it doesn't remove the "Online" setup, it just activates the "Offline" setup so that both are running at the same time.
-Step #7 would run the whole process again tomorrow.

I think the problem lies in that there is currently no way to deselect a source in the same way that you can deselect a setup. It would be extremely helpful to either incorporate another option in the automation that allows a user to deselect a source or perhaps for you to merge the two and simply define setups w/ a video source included as a "setup" instead of a "source." In theory then, I could automate a stream to show a highlights movie during a certain offline portion of the day and then revert back to the graphic when its done (since I could just create a whole bunch of diferent setups and time each one to trigger at different parts of the day). Now that would be awesome! :D

Does this make any sense? If not, I can try to reword it.

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