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I just got word that QuartzComposer, the software that most of CamTwist’s effects are built with, has been deprecated by Apple. While that’s not a complete surprise, it’s extremely disappointing.  The effort of recreating all of those effects by hand is a non-starter and should QuartzComposer actually die, it will very likely take CamTwist with it.

Until that time comes, I’ll likely continue with what I’ve already started and go for one more release.  Let’s hope for a change of heart over at Apple, or perhaps a replacement for QuartzComposer can be found.

Edit: Vade took down his post, presumably.  It’s still here though:

Edit 2:  Apple is saying the message about QC being deprecated was a mistake. Let’s hope that’s right, but I have a suspicion that it won’t be good news for 10.9. Time will tell.

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