Create your own effects

Extend the power of CamTwist by creating your own effects

By installing the free Apple Developer tools you can create your own special effects in CamTwist using Quartz Composer. This is a powerful effects development platform that allows you to quickly and easily create new elements for CamTwist to use.

If you need help creating your own effects or would like to pay someone to help you develop something, check out our Effects Development section of the forum. In here you can find other CamTwist users who are extending the abilities of CamTwist through Quartz Composer.

Some custom effects are also made available in our effects library. While not included with the initial download of CamTwist, many of these effects are free or inexpensive to use. For example you can download the ‘Twitter’ effect to put an on-screen twitter feed in to your broadcast. Completely free and community made!