Over 50 built in effects included

Have some fun, add special effects!

CamTwist includes over 50 special effects from social elements like IRC overlays to fin effects like broken glass and bubbles. You can apply one effect at a time or stack the effects to get a truly unique image.

Want to add some graphics to your screen like you see on broadcast television? Add the ‘Image Overlay’ effect and drop in a Photoshop file. How about a countdown effect which will count down either to a specific time or from a specific number to show your viewers when the next live show will be.

In addition to effects that you can add on top of your videos, the Studio function of CamTwist also offers transitions between sources. Cut, Dissolve, Page Peel or even Ripple between your cameras, videos and graphics in real time!

Need more power? CamTwist allows you to create your own special effects using Apple’s Quartz Composer.